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In today’s digital world, the doorstep services is always on the wish list of customers for the services offered by its bank. Be it a generation of Young & IT Savvy Customers, OR senior citizen customers, Door step services serves for saving time and convenience to the customers. Banking Organizations not providing door step services, is seen by customers as regressive services of the bank.

In addition to better customer satisfaction, implementing a true online ‘Agency Banking System’ can really bring more business and operational efficiency to your bank.

We offer ‘TrustAgencyBank’, a complete online Agency Banking Solution to the Banks. ‘TrustAgencyBank’ is an Android Based Mobile Application for Agency Banking.

About solution

  • Smartphone based solution (Android, iOS)
  • 50+ customers
  • Quick ROI
  • Real time information
  • APIs to integrate with any platform/ Core banking
  • Configurable UI

Key Functionality

With TrustAgencyBank, Banks can offer variety of doorstep services to its customers, like:

  • Registering the Customer
  • Account Opening
  • Deposit Transactions to Customer Accounts on all type of customer accounts.
  • OTP Based Withdrawal Transactions.
  • SMS Notifications for alerts on Transactions thro’ Agency Banking.


  • TrustAgencyBank is a Android Based Mobile Application which can be installed on smartphones of the Agents. Hence Banks does not require to invest into purchase and maintenance of e-ticketing POS required for installation of traditional Agency Banking Software.
  • TrustAgencyBank is completely online software with seamless integration with your CBS.
  • TrustAgencyBank is secure and have facility of OTP Based Authentication.
  • For all customer transactions, a SMS Alert is sent on customer’s mobile thus reducing risk of frauds faced by Banks in Agent Based Transactions.
  • Thro’ TrustAgencyBank, a Agent can additionally serve the customers associated with other Agents of the Bank in any of the branch of the bank.
  • With TrustAgencyBank, the Bank can set-up Daily Cumulative Limit for individual Agent. Every transaction performed by Agent on field is recorded in CBS real-time.
  • Whenever a agent quits OR suspicious operations by the Agent are noticed, Administrator can centrally de-activate the registration of the Agent.