Anti Money Laundering

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The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Circulars / Guidelines from the central banks are always evolving. Its becoming increasingly difficult for Banks to comply to the AML Circulars / Guidelines without a robust AML Software. Bank’s have to face the non-compliance audit observations in absence of a AML System AS it’s Core Banking System does not provide a complete AML solution & STR (Suspicious Transaction) Reporting complying to statutory requirements.

Trust Systems brings you a complete AML Alerts & STR Reporting Solution based on Open Architecture and can be integrated with most of the CBS systems with integration thro’ API & Web Services. To know more on TrustLOS features and Integration Feasibility with your CBS, please click here.

About TrustAML Solution

  • Completed Browser Based, Web-Based Interface.
  • Continuously upgrade to include the new AML exceptions tracking made mandatory by Reserve Bank of India for statutory compliance.
  • Configurable & Parameterized AML Alerts.
  • Readily available Data Structure Formats (in xl) to import the KYC & Transactions data from CBS required for AML Alerts generation.
  • API Based Integration with CBS to show KYC & Transactions Info on Drill-Down from the Alert.
  • 50+ Installations. Inherent technology expertise, integrated delivery model and the experience of AML Practices.
  • Quick ROI.

Key Functionality

  • Comply with KYC norms of the regulators
  • Comply with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Handle customer profiling & suspicious behavior detection
  • Generate CTR (Cash Transaction Reports) where applicable & STR (Suspicious Transaction Reports)
  • Monitor & detect terrorist / money laundering / suspicious activities of customers


  • Integration of cutting edge anti money laundering solution with core banking system across multiple geographics for unified business operations.
  • Access to research, sophisticated modeling approaches, latest data analysis tools and techniques.
  • Minimizations of total cost of AML management through institutionalized best practices.
  • Process assessment & recommendations to comply with regulations.
  • Improving employee awareness by imparting customized anti money laundering training.
  • Standardization of anti-money laundering processes & practices.