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Payment Processing -
This feature will allow you to record all incoming payments, including checks, credit card payments, cash and bank transfers. You can also allocate payments to open invoices in order to simplify the payment receipt process. When a user creates a payment, the general ledger is updated automatically.To accommodate outgoing payments, you can select the vendors that need to be paid according to a series of user-defined criteria such as invoice due date or terms discount date, andprocess a payment batch for electronic bank transfers or outgoing checks.

Deposits -
This function records cash payments, credit card payments and check deposits. For deposits, a list of all checks is displayed and users choose the ones they want to deposit. Credit card payments can be deposited automatically.

Bank statements and reconciliation -
The solution enables fully automatic reconciliation. Once the reconciliation parameters are defined, this wizard-based solution uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the correct bank reconciliation automatically.Users can reconcile credit and debit transactions with one another as a means of balancing any general ledger account or comparing the cashbook balance with the bank statements balance.