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TrustBank CBS

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Core Banking

TrustBankCBS banking platform is an on-line, real-time transaction processing and account servicing engineintegrated with all of our application services.Possessingunparalleled functionality depth obtained through our partnerships with global markets will support your entire portfolio of loan and deposit products for servicing business and consumer relationships, and includes a fully integrated general ledger and customer relationship management system.

Loans Origination -

From loan origination and account servicingthrough collections, automated support for the entire lending life cycle is managed on a single platform.

Ability to process a loan application from beginning to end, while generating compliant documents
Ability to create workflows to increase operational efficiency
Generate applications, disclosures and closing documents

Self Service

The convenience and popularity of smartphones and common use of mobile apps has transformed the way your customers manage their banking needs. We provide a full suite of channel technology solutions to support mobile and Internetbased self- service for consumers and businesses that enable real-time convenience and process automation. These offeringsensure a consistent customer experience regardless of channel.

Our bill pay solution represents a complete suite of bill management services, allowing customers to receive, view, manage and pay all their bills regardless of paper or electronic origin at their convenience.

Branch Automation

Branch Automation delivers easy-to-use teller, sales & service case management, origination and branch capture capabilities linked in real time to account servicing and transaction processing capabilities.

Our branch automation solution allows financial institutions to address their clients' needs at the teller line, platform, account servicing area and call center. The integrated design and ease of customization, provides the flexibility for any financial institution to operate in a tailored environment.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting delivers specialized applications for general ledger accounting, investment portfolio analysis, fixed assets, accrued items, and accounts payable all integrated with institution-wide financial data.