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Micro FinS - Deposits

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CASA (Current & Savings Accounts)

MicroFinS offers complete solution to the societies / banks for management of Current Account, Savings Account of its customers. CASA deposits are low cost deposits for the bank as generally no interest is offered on current account and interest offered on the Saving Account is relatively low. However, services or daily branch operations are maximum related to the CASA accounts. MicroFinS offers user-friendly, efficient solution to manage large number of daily CASA operation and is seamlessly integrated with General Ledger and MIS.

Small Savings / Micro-Savings / Caution Money Deposits

Most of the societies encourage small savings by its customers by depositing fixed amount at the defined period frequency. Generally such deposits are also collected daily by the marketing staff / agents or field officers. MicroFinS offer complete solution for savings collections by the staff/agent. It also provides complete solution with features of interest calculation & posting, maturing closure of account, premature closure of account, account renewal etc.

With POS Integration Add-on OR Smart Phone Add-on, the on-field collections can be synchronized online and real-time with the branch.

Term Deposits

MicroFinS provides a complete workflow for offering and processing term deposits products. This includes term deposit receipts / certificates, agent commission processing, maintaining interest paid / payable to the account, maturity payments, premature closure, renewal, principal cheques, interest cheques and general correspondence with the account holder.