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Customized ERP Development - Business Operations Solutions


A chart-of-accounts template is available that can be adapted to unique business requirements. These templates can also be used to define individual charts.The application allows the creation of new journal entries and search for existing ones. In addition, users can automatically allocate each transaction to a project or a profit center.Multiple manual journal entries can be saved to a batch and processed simultaneously, allowing verification. General ledger account assignment models can be defined as well as the frequency for each recurring posting.

Budgets -
Users can configure budget allocation methods, define budget figures in any currency, and display a summarized budget report that compares actual and planned figures. In addition, users can define an online alert that notifies them whenever a transaction exceeds a monthly or annual limit.

Profit Centers & Distribution -
This function allows users to define different profit centers or departments. Users can allocate the corresponding revenue and cost accounts to a pre-defined profit center in the chart of accounts.Based upon cost parameters, different distribution rules can be defined to characterize business activities and allocate revenue or costs to the corresponding distribution rule.