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Power Generation Plants

Trust customized Power Plant ERP solution have been successfully implemented across all size of power plants generating few megawatts to thousand metawatts. It is also configured for coal fired power plants, hydro plants and Gas turbine plants.

The solution optimizes Power station assets by maintaining asset data as specifications, maintenance history and performance data of each asset etc. It provides analysis reporting to management like Boiler tube leakages analysis, Tripping analysis, Performance analysis, shutdown Activities Status etc. All the maintenance, purchase activities are seamlessly integrated with Financial Accounts function.

The customize Power Plant Solution provides following business solutions.

Plant operations & performance monitoring

  • includes monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the each units and as station at whole such as generation, PLF, Availability, Aux Power consumption, Specific fuel consumption, Generation cost etc., Unit operations, Coal plant operations etc.

Maintenance Management

  • includes plant operation and maintenance activities such as Works panning & Scheduling, Work permit system, PM, Breakdown maintenance, Unit annual and major overhauls, Budget preparation etc.

Material Management System

  • includes MRP, Indenting, Purchases, transport, Insurance, warehouse management, Inventory control and claims processing etc.

Fuel Management System

  • includes fuels requirement planning, Procurements, Receipts & Consumptions, Fuel accounting, claims processing etc.

Energy Billing, Financial Accounting

  • Energy Billing to transmission companies, Budget and cash grants, Accounts receivables, payables, Cash flow, costing, General accounts & ledgers etc.

HRM, Time Office, Payroll

  • includes responsibility monitoring, Employee information, Payroll, Benefits administration and employee related payments, Employee separation etc.