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Micro FinS - Lending

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Cash Credit, Overdraft

MicroFinS automates the complete process of Business Loans i.e. offering cash credit, overdraft to the business. It also has complete work flow of setting up drawing power, stock statements, debtor list, temporary overdraft, interest calculation and posting etc.

Term Loans

Term Loans are the major source of income for the societies/banks. However, it is also high risk area for the society / bank if proper due diligence is not done is ensuring proper security against the loans. MicroFinS provides complete solution for Loans Management As Well As security / collateral management. It offers workflow for Disbursements, Repayments, Interest Posting, Loan Loss Provisioning, Securities like vehicle, house, ornaments, Term deposit certificates, Retention Money, Shares Certificates etc.

MicroFinS supports all standard interest methods like Flat Rate, Reducing Balance. MicroFinS also supports repayment types viz.: with Moratorium, Amortization Chart with periodic repayment frequency, Bullet repayments etc.

Group Loans

MicroFinS supports all the standard practices of Group Creation, Group Lending, Collections by field officers, Member Transfers etc which are followed by the societies / banks for Micro-Finance Group Lending products.