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Maintenance Management : SAP B1 Add On

Maintenance Management streamlines the maintenance activities in the plant across all maintenance sections. Maintenance Management includes defining various maintenance activities, works panning & Scheduling, Work permit system, PM, Breakdown maintenance etc.

With Maintenance management, tracking & management of resources is effectively & easily possible.

Functional Overview

  • Job Card generation
  • Job Card approval
  • Permit application / issue
  • Machine / Auxiliary Master
  • Machine isolation
  • Material Requisition for maintenance
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Machine / auxiliary running details


  • List of all Open / Closed
  • Job cards
  • Job card details
  • Job card register
  • Permit issue
  • Pending permit applications
  • Pending Preventive maintenance activity
  • Job card wise material issue
  • Machine wise details Costing (Manpower/Material/contractor)