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Material Requirements Planning

The MRP module offers a simple, yet powerful, planning system that helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria.

Forecasts -
This feature allows users to predict demand based on forecasts, instead of relying solely on received orders. Forecast calculations help users predict future demand for the product and adjust material planning accordingly.

Planning -
You can define the planning horizon, which can be viewed in weeks or days. A variety of selection criteria can be used, such as existing stock levels, open purchase orders, sales orders, work orders & inventory that reached its minimum stock level, as well as predefined sales forecasts. Once a scenario is executed, the application presents a recommendation to make or buy items. Numerous drill-down options are available to allow planners to view the net requirement calculations and view the actual documents driving the gross requirements. Exception warnings and queues are also available, these help users identity orders that need to be expedited.

Order Recommendation -
Analysis reporting allows planners to select recommended production orders and purchase orders for automatic creation. If any item needs to be outsourced, the system allows planners to convert a production order to a purchase order. Purchase orders to the same vendor can be optionally consolidated into one order.