Mobile Passbook

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Mobile Passbook: With digital revolution, banks are transforming the way they correspond with the customer at the same time customer needs are changed and their needs are quick access to their bank account and faster access to information.

Mobile Passbook is a digital version of passbook, accessible from smartphones. With personalization approach, the application allows personalized UI for bank and managing their campaign to promote their products and services.

Mobile Passbook is widely used by banks and have reduced significant cost of sharing information to the customer and on traditional marketing campaigns. Customers are benefited and so the banks are with this digital transformation.

About solution

  • Smartphone based solution (Android, iOS)
  • 50+ customers
  • Overall 100 million bank’s customers benefited
  • Quick ROI
  • Real time information
  • APIs to integrate with any platform/ Core banking
  • Configurable UI

Key Functionality

  • Account information: (SB,CA/ checking, Loan, CC-OD, FD, RD, DD etc..)
  • Correspondence with bank’s customer
  • Apply for new products/ services
  • Account statements
  • Tools for interest charts for deposits and loans
  • Reports for customers


  • Anytime, anywhere access to account information
  • Digital campaigning of banking products and services to customers
  • Go-green paperless approach on information sharing
  • No-que approach for information sharing
  • Reduction in cost of printing, human resource etc..
  • Faster access to real-time & historical data
  • Access to compliance reports through mobile app