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Bill of Material -
You can define multilevel bills of material in this window by specifying a finished goods product and all the raw materials that are required to produce it with precise specifications for the quantities and warehouses involved.You can also issue raw material components to specific production orders and receive completed production orders into finished goods inventory.

Production order -
The production functionality allows users to create three types of production orders - a standard order (created from an existing bill of material), a special order (built from scratch), and a disassembly order (used to disassemble finished goods and put components back into inventory). Production orders can be created for "make" items with a planned status and later released to the shop floor. Components assigned to a finished goods item can be issued to the production order manually or using the back-flush method. Components can be substituted or added. The solution also supports partial completion of production orders, giving complete flexibility and control of work orders. Users can view planned quantity versus completed and rejected quantities, and they can monitor the due dates of the order. Customer sales orders can be referenced on a production order, allowing users to check the status of the item while it is in work in process.

Bank statements and reconciliation -
The solution enables fully automatic reconciliation. Once the reconciliation parameters are defined, this wizard-based solution uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the correct bank reconciliation automatically.Users can reconcile credit and debit transactions with one another as a means of balancing any general ledger account or comparing the cashbook balance with the bank statements balance.