SAP B1 Product Inquiry

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Upto INR 10 crores
INR 10 - 20 crores
INR 20 - 50 crores
INR 50 - 100 crores
Above INR 100 crores
1-5 users or computers
6 - 15 users or computers
16 - 25 users or computers
26 - 50 users or computers
50+ users or computers

Existing software does not fulfil functional requirement
Business is growing and operations are unmanageable with existing software
Different packages implemented for different department without proper integration
Existing software does not integrate our different units / office / warehouses etc.
Existing Software does not have provision of mobile based Alerts, Approvals and reporting
We Heard about SAP B1 success stories and want company to benefit from SAP B1
We need a branded, quality ERP System of international acceptance for company.
Our customers insisting us to implement SAP Solution
We are existing SAP B1 Customer and wish to add more users.
Rack or Tower Servers
MicroSoft Legal Licenses for Servers
Routers for WAN
Firewall for WAN Security
Online Chat with Mktg representative
Demonstration of the SAP B1
Pricing Proposal for SAP B1