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Sales Opportunity Management

The sales module allows users to record every sales opportunity, from initial contact to the successful close of a transaction. This key component of our integrated CRM solution allows users to enter various details regarding the opportunity, including the source, potential, closing date, competitors and activities. As soon as the initial proposal is created, they can link it with the opportunity to simplify later tracking and analysis. Another critical element of the CRM functionality is the powerful reporting capability, allowing users to analyze opportunities by lead source, territory, industry and customer. Additionally, they can manage forecasts and view anticipated revenue by a variety of date categories. Users can also see the distribution of leads by source over time to identify the most profitable lead generation activities.

Sales Order -
This feature simplifies sales order entry by giving the order taker full view of an items stock position in multiple warehouse locations when a shortage arises. The order taker can choose to order from a list of alternative items to back order the item or allow the item to be partially delivered. Orders can be created that support different delivery dates and ship-to addresses.

Delivery -
The delivery function allows a shipping department to generate the necessary packing documentation for all goods shipped to a customer. The built-in packaging process facilitates the allocation of items into different packages during the delivery process. Users can easily store the delivery tracking number and access the shipping status within the delivery note.

Sales Invoice & Payment -
The invoice automatically creates a corresponding journal entry. As a result, users can create an automatic receipt if the customer pays part of the invoice immediately. Users can create an invoice and receipt in one step, using the same document.