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Service Management

The service management functionality helps your organization provide support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction activities, customer support and management of sales opportunities.

Service Call Management -
This feature enables your organization to manage, track and resolve customer questions, and deal with item-related problems. Users can view and maintain call history related to a particular incident. Various call statuses can be monitored, and calls can be assigned to individual technicians or maintained in a team queue.

Service Contract -
This feature allows you to create support or warranty contract frameworks for products and services sold. The contract maintains the service term, as well as service commitments, such as guaranteed response or resolution times. Service call history can be viewed from any contract; this feature also displays all items related to the contract.

Knowledge Base Solution -
This feature will allow your organization to build an effective reference source for customer problem resolution related to products and services, streamlining and improving service performance and customer satisfaction.