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IT Solutions / Product Development

We provide a complete portfolio of IT Solutions Development Services starting with Business modeling all the way through final testing to full implementation services into your production environment.

We have developed products for our clients in a variety of domains; project examples include Accounting Software, Smart Phone applications, CRM, Stocks Analysis, Business Organizer and Code Generator Frameworks. Today, these products represent successful deployments operating in a large number of our clients across global markets, driving efficiency and improved revenues.

Our approach to product development is aligned to the needs of each client and focused on their business objectives. Understanding how requirements can evolve during the development lifecycle of a product, we make full use of our experience in iterative development, prototyping techniques to aid in the development process and maintain a permanent feedback process with our clients to ensure continual improvements and fine-tuning.

Our team of highly-experienced professionals are eager to respond to your organization to provide high quality, cost effective custom outsourced solutions. Engagements can support the process through development, implementation, business process transformation, and steady state, throughout the maintenance and functional upgrade phases.

Our experience to provide solutions spans the Web Solutions, Client Server Architecture, Mobile solutions with leading frameworks, languages and tools like .Net, Open Sources, Java, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and many more as per customer requirements.