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Special Features : SAP B1 Vanila Features

Microsoft Office Integration

Special Features Microsoft Office Integration SAP Business One integrates with Microsoft Outlook, enabling you to exchange and share data to keep all parties up-to-date about account developments and business opportunities.

Data Synchronization
E-Mail Integration
Connection to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

Alerts and Approvals

Special Features Alerts Approvals You can set up immediate notifications and automatic responses to important business events through user-programmable, workflow-based alerts. You designate the events you want to track and define ranges for acceptable tolerances and limits connected to these events.

Features :-
Notify employees of a discrepancy or an event they are monitoring within the organization.

Provide internal (online) information associated with each employees role in the company. Each time a threshold is crossed, an alert could be triggered in real time to the user that requested such notification.

Drill down to gain instant visibility on information detailing the alerts characteristics, which can help you make informed decisions regarding future actions associated with the event.

Inform managers about particular business events and trigger workflow processes.

Respond instantly to alerts generated as part of workflow processes, approval procedures, and automatically initiated actions.


Special Features Reporting SAP Business One provides a large number of predefined reports for each functional area. You can generate reports for a specific functional area in your business and customize the output to suit your needs. You can also print, e-mail, or export any report to Microsoft Excel. Also integrated with crystal reporter.

Features :-
Predefined Reports -
Sales Opportunities
Sales and Purchasing
Business Partners

Excel-Based Reporting (XL Reporter)

Special Features Excel Based Reporting Many small and midsize businesses struggle with the complexities of generating accurate and timely financial reports from company data. The XL Reporter tool in SAP Business One enables you to get comprehensive and accurate insight into the financial status of your company.

Features :-
Generate Accurate and Timely Reports
Compose Standard and Ad Hoc Reports
Organize Your Reports
Design Custom Reports
Simplify Report Generation