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Central KYC Registry(C-KYC) is a centralized repository of KYC records of customers in the financial sector with uniform KYC norms which helps the Financial Institution to conduct KYC due diligence electronically using KYC identifier.

Central KYC (C-KYC) solution enables Financial Institution to automate the entire Account Opening process. It helps in meeting not only the regulatory compliances but also in leveraging the information received through KYC.

C-Kyc have been made mandatory to all banks in India by Reserve Bank of India.

Trust Systems & Software have successfully implemented C-Kyc solution across many banks in India.

About TrustCKYC Product:

TrustCKYC supports open architecture and provides API to Push & Pull data integration between Bank’s CBS and TrustCKYC. TrustCKYC’s CIF (i.e. Customer Information Form) adheres to guidelines by RBI to capture KYC information of its customers. TrustCKYC continuously upgrades itself to comply to KYC related circulars & guidelines by RBI and Statutory bodies.

TrustCKYC Application is developed in .NET platform. TrustCKYC application is a browser based application and shall have centralized hosting on Bank’s datacenter.

TrustCKYC application provides below functionalities & utilities to Bank.

  • 1. Utilities to import CIF from Bank’s CBS
  • 2. Forms to capture Additional KYC Information for the customer in TrustCKYC Application.
  • 3. Utility for Client Merging In case of duplicate clients.
  • 4. Form to update client information along with maker-checker authorization.
  • 5. Utility to create Batch / Lot for bulk uploading to c-KYC registry.
  • 6. Receipt of CKYC Rejected File. Regeneration of batch / Lot for uploading upon corrections in KYC information of customer in TrustCKYC.
  • 7. Receipt of Bulk Response File from c-kyc registry. Marking of C-KYC numbers (received in bulk response file) against the customers.
  • 8. C-KYC Data Download Utility from C-KYC registry (for the new customers registerd with bank already having C-KYC number).
  • 9. C-KYC Reconciliation Process.

The C-KYC registry collects and retains the personal details of bank clients, along with as a minimum, their photograph, signatures (or thumbprints) and self-certification documents. High value accounts needs to be backed by more detailed KYC data.

In above process, TrustCKYC provides the API for Push & Pull Integration from Bank’s CBS OR TrustCKYC provides the ‘Batch in prescribed xls format’ to post into CBS. The integration with CBS shall be completed Bank’s CBS Provider. Without integration also, the Bank can use TrustCTS with user entries into its CBS.