Trust Systems & Software Other Solution Offerings

Trust Systems & Software solution enables Banks to Deliver on its core strategy to ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Trust Systems & Software offers complete set of software solutions.

cash flow management

Financial Accounting and Billing(TrustFAB)

TrustFAB (Finance, Accounts & Billing) is enterprise Business Operations software.

It’s an integrated, affordable business management solution...

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retirement planning

Integrated BFSI Solution

TrustADF is a complete solution for Statutory Report Generation required by BFSI organizations.

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risk management

GST Compliance Software

SoftRecon eliminates invitation to Frauds due to limitation of banks to detect the money syphoned thro’ cyber and manual frauds.

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retirement planning

GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) API

TrustBankCBS AML platform facilitates BFSI to orient its banking operations towards governance and internal control for compliance to domestic and international statutory AML requirements.

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